• salazar: hey everyone just wanted your opinion on something
  • helga: shoot
  • salazar: okay what if we get giant versions of our house symbols
  • rowena: what
  • salazar: like godric would have a giant lion chilling out somewhere and rowena would have a big canary
  • rowena: its an eagle
  • salazar: okay whatever
  • godric: i dont think uh
  • salazar: it cant be too hard to find a huge badger
  • godric: okay dude no this is ridiculous absolutely no giant house symbols
  • salazar: oh um okay because i kind of uh
  • helga: 
  • rowena: 
  • godric: 
  • salazar: 
  • helga: what did you do
  • salazar: NOTHING


No joke Joe Biden could seriously get it.

So you’re telling me that they fired Noel Wells but not Mike O’Brien from SNL? Like, is this supposed to be funny?




i just saw a woman pull food stamps out of her louis vuitton purse to pay for her groceries

but that’s none of my business

this bold faced lie tho

people act like you can’t buy knockoff louis vuitton purses

or maintain some semblance of a time when you still had the fucking money to purchase your own things.

like, when my mom got laid off she still had her nice, brand-spanking new car. does she seize to stop being unemployed and broke b/c she has some nice shit? wtf  


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“I want to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable, to show the Capitol that whatever they do or force us to do that there is a part of every tribute they can’t own. That Rue was more than a piece in their Games. And so am I.”


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Marie Antoinette  + 2006, dir. Sofia Coppola 

Oh, you were not what was desired, but that makes you no less dear to me. A boy would have been the Son of France, but you, Marie Thérèse, shall be mine.

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[ PAIRINGS 5/? ] : Jon Snow + Ygritte 

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